Protect Your Investments With Artitalia Group’s Customizable Smart Solutions

These modern display cases, equipped with advanced security features, offer an ideal solution for retailers selling restricted items such as jewelry, firearms, ammunition, and cannabis. These displays are made from a combination of wood composite, glass, and steel, and can be customized to seamlessly blend and fit perfectly into your retail environment.

Freestanding Inline Security Showcase

Freestanding Corner Security Showcase

Vertical Perimeter Security Showcase

Safeguarding Your Growing Business With Confidence

  • Jewelry, firearms, ammunition, cannabis, and other restricted-sale products can be displayed safely and securely
  • An advanced security system that, with a simple push of a button, discreetly retracts and securely locks product displays within the unit's base or rear
  • A lockable glass display case designed for swift product changes
  • Customizable—add LED lights to accentuate and promote your products
  • Security doors made from high quality and durable powder coated steel that are impervious to break-ins

Fully Customizable - Make it your own

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