Another Successful Tradeshow

Artitalia Group attended the 24th Annual GlobalShop event in Las Vegas on March 23-25. This year, unlike others, was a very different kind of event for Artitalia Group having partnered up with PAVE, HBC, and Dawson College for the PAVE Student Design Challenge.

“We felt it was a great initiative to undertake and the PAVE Student Design Challenge was not only a great way to showcase our manufacturing capabilities but also provide students with the opportunity to showcase their work”, said Enzo Vardaro, VP of Design and Marketing, Artitalia Group.

“At Artitalia Group, we’re always opened to innovative ideas and designs and we think this was a great way to promote student design, mentor them, and give them a chance to visit our manufacturing facility, interact with our teams of designers, engineers, project management, etc.”

This Year’s Challenge

The purpose of this year’s challenge was to expose visitors of GlobalShop to the technique of combining design and technology (social media) in order to enhance the customer experience. Given that a majority of today’s shopping experience is completed largely online, the purpose of this challenge was to supply shoppers with an interactive kiosk where they would be able to visit a store with an iPad, chose products that may fit their overall style and needs, and eventually meet with a consultant to choose color swatches, brainstorm different design ideas.

The Design

The most essential part of this year’s competition was the participation of the students from Enzo Vardaro’s Alma Mater, Dawson College. Dawson College boosts an exceptional Interior Design program which prepares students to identify, research, and creatively solve problems relating to the function and aesthetic quality of interior space. Out of approximately 30 designs, two 3rd year students, Jessica Warda and Laura Edgett, perfectly captured a design that not only was modern
but comprised of the perfect marriage of materials, Corian and wood (Ebony to be exact).

With the addition of touch screens, the retail fixture housed a certain inviting shopping experience not otherwise found in today’s retail shops and added to the overall customer experience. With its asymmetrical lines, high level of detail (most notably the dovetail joints) as well as the particularly warm and inviting illumination, this fixture proved to be a marvel of design for the right shopping experience.

Having placed second place in a competition as competitive and challenging as PAVE, both students kept their composure as they made the rounds of their design explaining every detail, why certain materials were used, and how they essentially came up with their design.

“They did an exceptional job! I think the hardest thing for most designers is explaining their method, their creativity. Both students seemed to have eased into these explanations and it really showed their passion for innovation and design”, said their interior designer professor Scott Millar.

Artialia Group would like to thank HBC, PAVE, Dawson College, and GlobalShop for a wonderful event. We look forward to GlobalShop 2017.