Artitalia Group and Parcel Port Packaged Together for Streamlined Delivery

Montreal – March 10th, 2020

Artitalia Group Inc. has announced its newly established partnership with Parcel Port Solutions Inc. in association with its automated parcel locker. The collaboration has led to the newest iteration of the Addobox, a customizable smart locker solution that allows customers to buy online and pick-up in store (BOPIS). Combining Artitalia Group’s industry leading manufacturing with Parcel Port’s tried-and-true software, the parcel locker of the future is here and ready to fulfill all your delivery needs.

Parcel Port has vast experience in logistics and IT. Artitalia Group is a leader in designing and manufacturing custom products in metal, wood and plastic. Through this partnership, Artitalia Group and Parcel Port are combining their strengths to connect retailers and logistics companies, offering an unparalleled service as leading providers of last-mile delivery solutions.

“Parcel Port is today’s most innovative smart parcel locker solution serving commercial & residential properties, express couriers and retailers. Our locker solutions are multi-purpose, courier agnostic and include a host of value-added services using our own proprietary software that are helping to revolutionize how parcels are delivered and picked up. At the same time, we’re busy building North America’s largest smart parcel locker network” – Michael Trueman, CEO, Parcel Port Solutions Inc.

The Addobox offers clients an added level of convenience while providing businesses with a cost-effective alternative to deliveries. The parcel locker features cameras and security measures for safety and peace of mind. This makes Addobox perfect for housing returns, rendering them easy and hassle free. What’s more, digital signage solutions are also available to promote your brand or sell advertising through your vendor network.

When asked about this new partnership, Artitalia Group’s Senior Vice-President and Chief Commercial Officer, Enzo Vardaro, offered the following statement: “We believe the Addobox will bridge the gap between online and in-store purchases. We are incredibly excited to explore all prospects in relation to this partnership and are eager to build on the foundation we’ve started.”

Be it indoor or outdoor, the Addobox is a seamless solution for many environments, including retail, post offices, transport facilities, and fitness centers.

Artitalia Group and Parcel Port offer a multi-purpose, turn-key parcel locker solution that looks to revolutionize first and last mile delivery.

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