Retail Has Changed

So have we…

The recent economic downturn brought about many challenges for retailers across the globe. Retailers and Brands alike are looking to their service providers to introduce innovative value engineering solutions to drive down costs of retail environments. Artitalia Group came up with the perfect solution: by becoming a full service provider for the retail industry they saved retailers and brands, time and cost. This strategy would consist of offering all the key services: Brand Strategy, Design Concepts, 3D Animations & Renderings, Site Surveys & Store Layouts, Engineering, Prototyping, Import Capabilities, Manufacturing, Project Management, Customer Service, Inventory Management, Distribution and Installation Management.

This strategy allows for the customer to have peace of mind. ONE company that has the expertise to handle a project from start to end. A ONE stop solution. Hence-

ONE STEP | ONE STOP | ONE SOLUTION for all Retail Merchandising Needs

It’s simple and effective.

With this change came the need to communicate this message. It was clear that the company had evolved and there was no better time to undergo a complete rebrand.

We explored multiple avenues and couldn’t find the theme to express this movement. Until our VP of design had a simple yet brilliant idea. “We are a big family, working together, creating effective retail environments.” So why not let this message be the inspiration for our new marketing campaign? – Really capturing the essence of everyday life at Artitalia Group where all 400 employees are part of this big family.

Join us and experience the new Artitalia Group