The Retail Industry to Come at Future Stores 2018, Seattle

Artitalia is about more than #FindingTheArtInEverything

We’re actually about finding solutions to everything. When it comes to retail, especially with the onset of the digital world and the possibilities it comes with, there has been talk about retail and store locations dying off. Well, I’m here to tell you that #brick&mortar4ever is more than simply a hashtag to be thrown around the internet.

People will never give up the chance to physically pick up material they are interested in, feeling the texture of a commodity they may want to buy, or to actually try on apparel to make sure it has the right fit, style, and look that they want for themselves. I love the ability to go and physically touch clothing or try on a pair of shoes too much to ever give that up and simply order something online. How many times have you gone to a store for a pair of shoes you were sure to love, only to be disappointed that they don’t fit properly or were uncomfortable? That alone is enough to keep me going back to stores! There’s nothing that exemplifies this more than Future Stores, they spend months doing the research, gathering the required information, and the right connections to put this think-tank together.

With the onset of the digital and Internet-of-things retail sector, not keeping up with the technology
and using it in order to really create the best kind of experience for potential and actual customers
is equivalent to sending your business to have “a quick drop and sudden stop.”

This bastion of retail knowledge is being gathered in Seattle, Washington for Future Stores. Being a haven for both start-ups and major businesses like Starbucks, Microsoft, and Amazon, it’s no wonder this retail think-tank and discussion opportunity will be held here.

With the amassed talent in the city, it’s no wonder why Future Stores can be found here offering new innovation and ideas for the future of retail in our tech-heavy world, and also happens to be why you’ll find Artitalia Group Inc. there. Coming from a background in International Trade and Business Administration, I would never let a creative gathering of business experts and their ideas on the retail industry escape me; not only will I be listening in on many of the panel discussions (along with my fellow colleagues) but we’ll be sponsoring the event as well. As business grows, we understand that helping to fund, inspire, and contribute to the ever-changing retail world is one of the best ways to ensure that #retailisnotdead.
Having been involved with the retail industry for almost 35 years, Artitalia has had the chance to
see and take part in the many innovations that have taken place and that are going to take place
within the industry. As such, panel discussions often cover how to handle the different trends and
events that will affect the industry all while offering numerous solutions and ideas of how to incorporate these changes into your own business model. Personally, with the onset of IOT and the digital age of technology in the industry, I know there will be many interesting and informative pieces of information exchanged and discussed during the three days.

Just take a look below at some of the scheduled panel discussions that will be held over the three
days that I find particularly relevant.

DAY1 THEME: Setting The Stage For Customer-Centric Retail

Some conferences going on during the day:

Bridging the Gap between Digital and In-store
Rethinking Retail: Evolving the Lowe’s Experience
From Design To Installation To Management,
Future Proofing The Digital Infrastructure

DAY 2 THEME: Disruptive Store Design & Innovation

Some conferences taking place on Day 2:

Footprinting Retail Experiences Of The Future
Measuring ROI For Retail Innovation
From Brand Vision To In-Store Execution


These conferences are especially interesting as most, if not all, businesses who will be attending
this event are there to do the one thing that businesses do: make money. Measuring the ROI’s (Return on investments) of all your investments is a key element in determining the best places to invest your money, and seeing if those investments are paying off. Being aware of these is a key element to ensuring you don’t waste money, overspend, and where you should be investing money that you may not have already done. I will certainly be looking forward to this conference!


DAY 3 THEME: Embrace Emerging Technology and New Retail Concept

Some of Day 3’s other conferences:
The Future of Store Design is Flexibility

Ideas To Steal – Retail Concepts That Work for Today’s Customer
Hopping On Pop-Up Retail – What You Need To Know


Even the closing keynote covers extremely interesting concepts that all retailers looking to expand or who are interested in learning more about the new and developing markets should keep an eye out towards Smart Homes, IOT, Connected Homes, Rube Goldberg Machines; Making Sense of the opportunities by Demystifying the Technologies at Retail! Bill Lee the VP and General Manager from Samsung Electronics America will be discussing the possibilities that consumers now have with technology built into their homes, see Google Home or Amazon’s Echo, with all their purchasing power. At Artitalia we’re all about design, we manufacture furniture and build custom displays, so understanding technology and how it relates to retail, and the possibilities for where furniture and custom displays can fit into this is important for us! You can be sure that we will be there either learning about new innovations or coming with our own way to revolutionize the way we do business to incorporate technology!

Retail, from brick and mortar shopping to digital, is moving so fast that attending conferences like
Future Stores’ is necessary to everyone in Retail, not only to learn but you should also realize that it is a great place to rub elbows, network with, and make some of the greatest connections in the biz with some of the biggest names in the Retail industry: Lowes, Starbucks, and Amazon. Given
that they will be there, you can be sure we will be taking rigorous notes to stay ahead of the game and surpass their expectations. We’ve also discovered that being a sponsor of the event is a great way to keep in the loop as to what will be spoken of, and how to prepare for the entire conference. With all that and so much more, what are you waiting for? Will we be seeing you there?



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