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Powder Coating (Metal)

  • Largest powder coating line in North America (1150 ft.) which allows us to powder coat electrostatically on metal and aluminum parts for indoor, outdoor, and architectural applications.
  • We first degrease the items through our state-of-the-art 6 stage pre-treatment system that degreases and applies conversion coating on the parts using phosphate free chemicals.
  • Provides excellent powder coat adhesion but also additional corrosion protection.
  • We target 2.5-4 mils of paint film thickness and we have a meticulous quality control process that verifies the products from raw material to finished product stage.
  • We can paint parts up to 10 ft in length efficiently.
  • Certified for AAMA 2604 standard.

E-Coating (Metal)

  • E-coating uses electrical current to deposit paint on the metal.
  • The process allows for better coverage within the interior of structurally complex parts and is a cost-effective alternative to zinc plating or galvanizing.
  • E-coated parts can be powder coated to any desired color or can be left raw and used for outdoor applications without corroding.
  • We can e-coat parts up to 55” in length and 44” in width.
  • Like the powder coating process, the metal is degreased and goes through a 6 stage-pre-treatment.


  • Dual spraying arms apply water-based finishes such as colored paint, top coats, stains, lacquer, and 100% solids UV coatings.
  • Pressurized cabin with downdraft air ow to control cleanliness of the air owing through the booth cabin.
  • A speed curing process using high-intensity ultraviolet light to instantly cure or dry coatings.
  • Increases production speed.
  • Dramatically reduces set-up and clean-up time.

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