Manufacturing + Services

Offering comprehensive and custom designed and manufactured solutions in various industries such as retail, restaurant and hospitality, material handling, and mail and parcel.

Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering

Design and engineering at Artitalia Group are integral components of the wide range of comprehensive solutions we produce. Our dedicated teams of designers and engineers collaborate closely to create solutions that are innovative, functional, and cost-effective.

Fueled by innovation and creativity, our design and engineering teams’ focus is understanding our client partners’ vision, brand, identity, and more important specific requirements.

Our teams continuously strive to optimize the manufacturing process by exploring innovative materials, techniques, and more importantly, technology to make production more efficient and sustainable.

Value Engineering

We will always endeavor to provide value engineering solutions to our customers. That is, we will always strive to provide alternate materials and solutions to be more cost-effective without compromising quality and functionality.

This is an ongoing process that is both reactionary and proactive. By incorporating value engineering principles within our process, we can optimize costs and materials all while contributing to the overall value proposition we offer to our clients.

Project Management & Project Coordination

Artitalia Group’s Project Management and Project Coordination teams work together to ensure that projects are successfully executed, and our client partners receive the quality and exceptional service they deserve.

Our Project Management teams oversee planning, execution, and completion of various projects. By employing various processes and methodologies, our Project Management teams adhere to a strict quality assurance program all while ensuring adherence to project plans.

Similarly, our Project Coordination team supports and facilitates the successful execution of projects. They are instrumental in organizing project-related meetings, overseeing logistics, project tracking and more importantly supporting overall customer satisfaction.

Our Project Management and Customer Service teams make your project a success—and a priority—every step of the way.

Domestic & International Manufacturing

Artitalia Group believes that our competitive advantage derives from our ability to offer end-to-end solutions for our customers. Our manufacturing facility has over 1 000 000 sq.ft of manufacturing space filled with the latest automated metal and wood machinery. With the integration of emerging technologies, robotic systems, and artificial intelligence, and by adopting Industry 4.0 methodology and processes, Artitalia Group has transformed the way our products and services are delivered to market. We recognize the value of Industry 4.0 and believe that reliability in integrating specific technologies is key to make better informed operational decisions all while adapting to market volatility. Read More

With manufacturing presence in North America and Asia, Artitalia Group has the capacity to take on challenging projects for any custom program.

Artitalia Group, Montreal
Our Artitalia Group Montreal office has the experience and expertise in manufacturing long-term projects for some of North America’s leading retailers and brands. With 1 000 000 sq. feet of manufacturing space, automated machinery, and over 500 professionals, we can take on any project.

Artitalia Group, Asia
Our Artitalia Group Asia office, based in Xiamen, China, manages all Artitalia Group’s import programs. Importing over 3000+ containers a year, our on-staff project managers work extensively with our affiliates in Asia to reduce manufacturing time through streamlining and monitoring production by following rigid quality control protocols throughout the production cycle.

AXG, New Jersey
Our US-based office is staffed with an experienced team of sales representatives and operation managers who work closely with Artitalia HQ to ensure that your project details run smoothly and delivered on time.

Artitalia Group, California
Our US-based warehouse is staffed with an experienced team of inventory and warehouse professionals who work closely with our head office to ensure that your projects that are produced either domestically or over seas are managed in order to run smoothly and deliver on time.


Artitalia Group’s metal manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce a wide range of metal products, solutions, and components. Fully equipped with the latest automated machinery, our metal department can process and transform cold- and hot-rolled steel, aluminum, and stainless steel in any size or form. Our metal solutions range from retail displays, gondolas, interior and exterior commercial furniture, food and prep carts/back of counter products, mail and parcel boxes, smart solutions such as lockers, material handling carts up to and including a vast range of other custom products.


Artitalia Group’s wood manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce custom wood solutions for a variety of industries. Backed by our CNC machinery, we can precision-cut, shape, process, and transform any type of substrate such as MDF, press wood, melamine, laminate, veneers, solid woods, and composites. Our wood solutions include shelving units, showcases, cashwraps, and other merchandising solutions as well as interior and exterior commercial furniture, millwork, casegoods, and customized wood cabinetry.


Artitalia Group offers a range of finishing services for both metal and wood products. Among their offerings is an automated UV flatline finishing system with UV curing, as well as a metal powder coating line. These services contribute to the comprehensive product portfolio provided by Artitalia Group. Read More Download Brochure


Metal Powder Coat Line
Artitalia Group operates a metal powder coating line with a wide range of color options. Our powder coat line adds a uniform paint application even on the most intricate parts and pre-assembled pieces producing a paint finish that is highly resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and chipping.

E-Coat Line
E-coating is one of the most cost-effective methods for corrosion protection. E-Coating is environmentally friendly and uses lead-free waterborne formulations, low VOC and HAPS epoxy coatings.


UV Flat Line Finishing System
Artitalia Group’s wood finishing process includes enhancing as well as protecting the surface of our wood products. Our UV Flat Line process allows wood to go through three different stages which includes sanding, followed by automated painting which can apply color paint, top coats, stain, and lacquer. Lastly, a speed curing process using high intensity ultraviolet light. Once the UV curing process is complete, wood panels are ready to be assembled and shipped. Back

Inventory Control & Warehouse Management

Artitalia Group’s warehouse facilities are strategically located to provide cost-effective and flexible solutions for our client partners. Our warehouse distribution and logistics management services allow Artitalia Group to handle large-scale national and international rollouts. We provide our client partners with real-time inventory status reports which allows us to monitor, organize, and secure all shipments.

Installation Support

Artitalia Group offers installation support for any rollout and involves a range of different services to ensure a smooth and successful installation process. Our engineering teams will always provide installation instructions in the form of manuals, videos, and “how to” documentation to help guide GCs and/or on-site contractors. The main form of installation instructions that we use is Cadasio, a cutting-edge platform that offers a transformative approach to creating and sharing interactive, 3D assembly instructions and technical documentation. We use Cadasio because unlike traditional paper manuals or static PDF guides, these dynamic instructions improve comprehension, enhance user experience, and streamline the process of assembly, maintenance, or any procedure requiring step-by-step guidance. Also, our Project Managers will always be on-hand to provide direction, and guidance to complete installation according to client’s requirements, within the defined timeline, budget, and quality standards. Artitalia Interactive Assembly Instructions