Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Social Responsibility

Artitalia Group’s Environmental and Social Initiatives
Artitalia Group has unveiled a series of environmental and social initiatives that it shares with stakeholders via regular newsletters. However, it is worth noting that the company does not currently adhere to the “Sustainability Reporting Guidelines” set forth by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) however discloses information about its environmental and social performance through CDP yearly.

Environmental Management System
Artitalia Group is proud to announce that it surpasses all environmental guidelines and regulations at the Municipal, Provincial, and Federal levels. Our commitment to sustainability is evident through our comprehensive recycling programs, which effectively manage manufacturing waste, by-products, and recyclable office waste. However, it is important to note that the company has yet to register an Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001, EMAS, or BS7750 standards.


With almost 40 years of experience within the custom design and manufacturing industry, we understand that our legacy extends beyond the markets we serve and the solutions we provide to our clients. We believe that our success comes from continuously evolving and improving. That is, we’re constantly working to optimize our resources to improve and evolve into something better. As part of our global commitment to our clients, we’re constantly reevaluating aspects of our organization. We look to not only improve our internal processes but also how these processes affect our overall strategic vision, the communities we serve, and ultimately our environmental footprint.

At Artitalia Group, we continue to make significant advancements that go beyond the materials we use or products we produce. We are committed to consistently maintaining the relationship we have between our community, our business, and the environment. Over the last few years, Artitalia Group has made strides to maintain a strong policy of community environmental consciousness to minimize the environmental impacts of our manufacturing operations, one being climate change.

CDP Reporting

Artitalia Group has achieved results above the industry standards reported through CDP as having achieved a “B” rating. CDP is an international non-profit organization spearheading a global disclosure system on environmental impacts encouraging businesses to foster transparency while assessing their performance through benchmarking.

This achievement involved a rigorous process that required reviewing all aspects of Artitalia Group’s GHG emissions. It also necessitated data input from Artitalia Group team members contributing across North America, as well as our suppliers and partners. This rating demonstrates our commitment to progressing environmental stewardship by taking coordinated action on climate issues.