Manufacturing + Services

Artitalia Group believes that our competitive advantage derives from our ability to offer end-to-end solutions for our customers.


Design & Engineering

Fueled by innovation, creativity, and all possessing a pioneering spirit, our value engineering team is constantly finding ways to be inventive and original. Our capabilities range from producing, modifying, and creating top-end design renderings to translating these concepts into precise and complex technical shop drawings for production. Our engineers and designers are continuously pushing the manufacturing process to produce items that are more efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective. We also offer turnkey Omnichannel solutions such as the ADDOBOX™ automated smart lockers and AUDIMAC™ automated distribution systems.

Project Management & Customer Service

Artitalia Group strives to deliver a client-centric approach all while managing our clients’ expectations. We provide the support you need and the service you deserve by providing the link between our clients and our project management team by offering all the necessary project reports and tracking needed to make your project a success—and a priority—every step of the way.


Domestic and International Manufacturing

With manufacturing presence in North America and Asia, Artitalia Group has the capacity to take on challenging projects for your custom programs.

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Artitalia Group, Montreal
Our Artitalia Group Montreal office has the experience and expertise in manufacturing long-term projects for some of North America’s leading retailers and brands. With 1 000 000 sq. feet of manufacturing space, automated machinery, and over 500 professionals, we can take on any project.

Artitalia Group, Asia
Our Artitalia Group Asia office, based in Xiamen, China, manages all of Artitalia Group’s import programs. Our on-staff project managers work extensively with our affiliates in Asia to reduce manufacturing time through streamlining and monitoring production by following rigid quality control protocols throughout the production cycle.

AXG, New Jersey
Our US-based office is staffed with an experienced team of sales representatives and operation managers who work closely with our head office to ensure that your project details run smoothly and delivered on time.

Artitalia Group, California
Our US-based warehouse is staffed with an experienced team of inventory and warehouse professionals who work closely with our head office to ensure that your projects that are produced either domestically or over seas are managed in order to run smoothly and deliver on time.


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Our metal department is fully-equipped and has the ability to process and transform cold- and hot-rolled steel, aluminum, and stainless steel in any size or form. Whether its sheet metal, tube, flat bar, wire or rod, Artitalia Group’s metal department operates state-of-the-art CNC laser tube cutting and laser sheet metal cutting machinery, CNC automated grid welding and polishing/grinding stations as well as multiple robotic welding stations and punch and stamping presses. We also offer a leading edge metal powder coating line and E-coat line.



Our wood department is fully equipped and has the ability to process and transform any type of wood substrate known on the market from MDF and press wood to melamine, laminate, veneers, solid woods, and composites of all sorts. Artitalia Group’s wood department has multiple 3-axis and 5-axis CNC overhead routers, automated bundle panel saws, automated edge-banders, and V-Groovers. We offer traditional wood finishing systems and a state-of-the-art automated UV flatline finishing system.


Artitalia Group offers a fully automated UV flatline finishing system with UV curing and one of the largest metal powder coating lines in the North East of North America. Read More


Metal Powder Coat Line
Artitalia Group operates a metal powder coating line with a wash stage, a de-grease stage, a Phosphate-free Nanoceramic Coating stage, and a Robotic Powder coating stage.

E-Coat Line
Artitalia Group’s E-Coat Finishing Line adds a uniform paint application even on the most intricate parts and pre-assembled pieces producing a superior paint finish that is highly-resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and chipping. E-coating is one of the most cost-effective methods for corrosion protection. E-Coating is environmentally-friendly and uses lead-free waterborne formulations, low VOC and HAPS epoxy coatings.


UV Flat Line Finishing System
Our UV flat line finishing system allows our wood panels to go through 3 different stages. The first stage is sanding used to remove the top surface of any wood type; followed by painting where two automated spray arms cover the wood in color paint, top coats, stain, and lacquer. The final stage in the process is UV curing: a speed curing process using high intensity ultraviolet light. Once the UV curing process is over, the wood panels are ready to be assembled and shipped. Back


Inventory Control and Warehouse Management

Using the latest in warehouse management, labeling, and bar coding technology, we provide our customers with real-time inventory status reports to keep all your fixtures, displays, and merchandising systems organized, secure, and ready for shipping—at a moment’s notice!

Installation Support

Our installation support is the perfect solution to achieve rollout success. Our engineering team provides installation instructions and even videos for any products that we produce that needs to be installed on site. Our team of Project Managers and Engineers work with your GC and/or Installation Contractor to explain how to install your project before the roll out beings which saves time during roll out. We can also have team members onsite to help explain and guide your GC and or contractors to allow for a full and smooth installation of our products. Our main objective is to help you bring it all together!