Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Social Responsibility

Reports on Artitalia Group’s environmental and social performance
Artitalia Group announces environmental and social initiatives through periodic newsletters; however, does not prepare reports in accordance with the “Sustainability Reporting Guidelines” of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) or publicly reports on its environmental and social performance.

Environmental Management System
Artitalia Group currently exceeds all Municipal, Provincial, and Federal environmental guidelines and regulations. We have recycling programs in place for all manufacturing waste and by products, plus all recyclable office waste; however, does not have an Environmental Management System registered to ISO 14001, EMAS, or BS7750.

System to Manage Occupational Health & Safety
Artitalia Group follows and surpasses all C.S.S.T regulations as reflected in our Health and Safety Policy and related documentation below, however not certified to OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) 18001;


Our designers regularly travel to a variety of trade shows through out every market and industry that we provide services in, in a goal to find new and innovative materials, especially those that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Most recently, our design team has made a huge push in order to source local recycled products. Our designers work with each one of our materials vendor partners in order to be up to date on any new forms of recycled materials, along with wanting to be informed of any materials that might be considered over stock or obsolete for whatever reason.

For a recent project that we completed, our design team was tasked to find low cost used wood in order to create a line of display fixtures that had a look and feel of authenticity which we called “heritage”. With this, our designers began to do some research and found that our own company had a yard full of old aged pallet wood, just waiting to be re-purposed! With that, we created an amazing array of products that looked every bit as authentic as our client at hoped, at a much reduced budget.