How to Save Time—and Money—Managing Packages with Smart Lockers

How to Save Time—and Money—Managing Packages with Smart Lockers

In 2017, e-commerce has accounted for $2.3 trillion in sales around the world. With consumers relying on online shopping—especially in today’s current climate—it is estimated that 95% of all purchases will be made online by the year 2040. Seems like lightyears away, right? If history has taught us anything about the evolution of electronic data transactions, it’s that e-commerce goes back a long way…


More Packages, More Clutter

Seems like, with the current increase in online sales and e-commerce, managing parcels has become an increasingly challenging task in both staffed and unstaffed buildings. In unstaffed buildings, lobbies and hallways are quickly becoming overwhelmed with an onslaught of parcels and packages and because of this there is an increasing number of packages getting stolen or lost in the mix.

Similarly, in staffed buildings, concierge and property management employees are inundated daily with packages. Whereas most of the packages are safe, the challenge here in organizing them to send to the proper recipients.

The task of handling packages can be rather tedious but there is a solution, and I am sure reading this, you most likely knew where I was headed. Answer: Smart Lockers!


Smart Lockers and Their Benefits for Residential Locations

Staffed Building
  • Eliminate/reduce staff time managing parcels
  • No lost or stolen parcels
  • 24/7 pickup access
  • Rapid pickup (less than 15 seconds)
  • Secure and private (no one looking at the resident’s parcels)
Unstaffed Building
  • No lost or stolen parcels
  • Eliminate package clutter in the lobby and hallways
  • 24/7 pickup access
  • Rapid pickup (less than 15 seconds)
  • Secure
  • Automated return of parcels

Smart lockers have many benefits for residential locations. The most notable being tenant satisfaction. Let’s face it, we all love convenience; we love the fact that we can order online from our smartphone in the comfort of our own homes or anywhere, for that matter. With a smart locker, tenants will have access to their packages quickly. They will no longer have to wait for them to be delivered to their door from the mailroom or lobby. They will also have an increased sense of security as the risk of their items being stolen will be greatly reduced.

Time: It takes a significant amount of time to receive, sort, sign, and distribute packages—ask anyone who worked in a mailroom (you can email me at!). Therefore, eliminating these time-consuming steps can significantly reduce the cost of having an employee or two on hand for these tasks.

Security: Most residential buildings have upwards of 150 to 1000 units depending on the size. Sometimes packages with high-value items can be sent directly to mailrooms, and unfortunately, go missing due to misplacement or oversight. Smart lockers can significantly reduce the cost of replacing items by keeping them safe and secure. That is just one of the many benefits of having the courier and the recipient be the only ones who interact with the smart locker.


ROI with Smart Lockers

Now that you understand all the great benefits of the smart locker and the seamless solution it provides, the return on investment is the last piece to the puzzle. The amount of money saved in purchasing a smart locker depends on different use cases.

For example, the number of hours spent performing mail receiving type tasks, like package management, the number of staff needed to perform those tasks, and more importantly, the number of parcels being delivered monthly, as well as the size of the locker (50, 75, 100 slots etc.)

Smart lockers for multi-tenant buildings can significantly reduce operational costs, increase tenant satisfaction, and accommodate more deliveries thus, relieving the constant strain caused by their lobbies being inundated with an overflow of online purchases.

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