How Parcel Lockers Are Redefining Shopping And Logistics

The boom in online shopping increased dramatically over the last 6 months when “stay-at-home” orders came into effect. With more than one-third of consumers shopping online weekly since the pandemic hit, online sales for everything from grocery to apparel, to pet supplies, to cleaning products have surged exponentially.

With online shopping on the rise and the number of parcels increasing, the space to house them will eventually become a problem. What retailers typically like to do is to get packages in and out on a rolling basis. While some retailers have responded—albeit slowly—to the sudden emergence of online sales by creating and setting up pick-up counters, other retailers are beginning to invest in smart parcel lockers.

Before the pandemic hit, smart lockers were beginning to gain traction with companies “experimenting” with them to not only increase the convenience of their online shoppers but also to get traffic within their stores. The option to house parcels safely and securely in compartments where consumers can pick them up at their convenience using a code seems a lot simpler and cost-effective. By removing the constraints from the surge of parcel deliveries and returns during peak periods, retailers can enhance the customer experience while streamlining the last-mile delivery logistics.


What is it “Specifically” about Smart Parcel Lockers?

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about parcel lockers is convenience. This notion of “buy online and pick up in store” has grown over the last few years, and more notably, during the pandemic. Most consumers are now getting a lot more comfortable with the digital transformation age. There is no denying it, many of us are using our mobile phones to order online. Now, the convenience of picking up a product from a smart locker is literally at our fingertips.  The service provided to the consumer is seamless, a code or pin number is sent to them that they can use to access the locker compartment at their convenience. This type of service will only improve the customer experience, which is critical, especially during these trying times. Customers are expecting retailers to simplify the online shopping process for them, providing a service that makes their lives easier but keeps their purchases safe. By implementing a customizable parcel solution, retailers are not only strategically positioned towards enhancing the customer experience, but they also gain a tool that will allow them to help manage their customer orders, returns, and logistics seamlessly.

We expect that with the current situation (global pandemic)—and post-pandemic—that these devices will remain permanently in stores, office buildings, condominium complexes, lobbies, etc. The current climate has pushed many retailers to adopt the BOPIS strategy but looking at it from a consumer perspective, customers want convenience. Implementing a BOPIS model allows retailers to compete against online retailers by using their stores as hubs and fulfillment centers and getting products into their customers’ hands a lot quicker for less.


Parcel Lockers in a Pandemic and Post-Pandemic World

The surge in online shopping during the pandemic has not only reshaped the retail industry; it has led to an overwhelming array of packages left on concierge desks, mailrooms, and to some extent, on front porches. An innovative solution like a smart parcel locker can not only overcome this issue, but it is a perfect setting for the times when physical distancing and contactless delivery seem to be everyone’s number one priority.

After extensive market research, we designed and engineered the Addobox™ to be the most complete and most cost-effective solution currently found on the market. Artitalia Group’s Addobox™ is a versatile, turn-key smart parcel locker solution that looks to revolutionize first and last-mile delivery. It is a seamless solution for many environments that offers clients an added level of convenience. Featuring cameras and heavy-duty hardware for safety and peace of mind, the Addobox™ is the perfect solution for housing returns.

Designed and manufactured in North America, the Addobox™ includes state-of-the-art hardware, locker and cloud software, and support services. The hardware is completely customizable based on customer requirements, including the integrated software and easy-to-use interface. The Addobox™ offers an affordable and unique solution for retailers, parcel companies, commercial and residential properties, hotels, educational institutions, and much more.

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