Automated Parcel Lockers, A Sustainable Solution for Last Mile Deliveries

With the surge in online sales, home delivery is the preferred method for most consumers today. However, with the world driving for a “greener” tomorrow, and urban last-mile delivery emissions on track to increase over 30% by 2030,  more sustainable alternatives within “last mile delivery” are being implemented. Without any significant intervention, these emissions could reach astronomical volumes by 2030 as well. The increased carbon emissions coupled with traffic congestion can only mean fewer packages being delivered on time; not to mention the added cost for the consumer because of increased delivery fees etc. As mentioned in last month’s blog, consumers want convenience; and with a smart parcel locker, that convenience is literally at their fingertips.

When consumers shop online, they traditionally choose their items, hit proceed to checkout, and then weigh out the pros and cons of how quickly they want their package versus the associated cost. Very few consider the environmental implications of having their packages delivered straight to their door. For companies though, this is far greater in having to figure out a way to deliver millions of packages, their delivery time, logistics and transport methodologies, and now, how to integrate sustainable methods while delivering.

Preliminary research shows that most consumers like the notion of having their packages delivered in two methods: to a smart parcel locker and to their homes. Parcel locker delivery is also estimated to be a lot more cost-efficient than the traditional home delivery route, no pun intended, and do have a positive impact on ecological sustainability. Also consumers have responded favorably to having their items dropped off in a smart locker citing security being the main reason as well as convenience in having their package within the possession next day (traditionally, if a consumer opts for home delivery, they do risk the package being re-routed to the local area pickup location).

Although the traditional home delivery has been around for quite some time and to some extent so have lockers (PO boxes were creating when delivering mail), these basic concepts of delivering packages are pretty tried and true. The only difference lies within the user experience and their varying ecological sustainability ideologies.

Quick Overview

The rise in online shopping increases the number of deliveries to our homes which can be both successful and unsuccessful at times. As a result, these deliveries or lack thereof are putting a consistent strain on our current climate and environment through the unnecessary emissions from vans usually petrol or diesel driven. The question that comes to mind is: how can we address this issue? Simple—using technology and automated parcel lockers. Smart parcel lockers have shown to reduce the environmental damage and strain of GHG emissions by increasing the number of deliveries and drastically lowering the number of failed deliveries. In other words, if you are home or not, your package will be delivered to an automated smart locker. This can greatly benefit the environment as the number of deliveries or re-deliveries is reduced, reducing carbon emissions in the process.

The Addobox—A Viable and Sustainable Solution

Artitalia Group’s Addobox is not any different than what is mentioned above; in fact, Artitalia Group continues to make significant advancements and is committed to continuous improvement with regards to reducing their own carbon footprint. Our smart lockers are manufactured in our facility that has met and exceeded local and federal emission standards and all equipment used within our plant have evolved to incorporate innovative procedures and practices all used to reduce their environmental effects. For example, all powder coating used in the production is made from 100% recycled materials and provides a superior product adherence; all shipping material used in transporting our parcel lockers are made from 100% recycled material as well.

The Addobox proves to be the next step in evolving last-mile delivery to incorporate a sustainable solution—environmentally-friendly manufactured with a positive impact on reducing carbon emissions from home deliveries.

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